The Soignies Cultural Centre, the Soignies Tourist Office and the Town Administration of Soignies are organizing the 6th International Monumental Sculpture Meeting called “Bluestone is Brilliant in Soignies!” from August 6th to August 25th.
This event will take the form of “Artists Residence” and will aim to make monumental artistic works from blocks of stone. This will make best use of, and bring value to, the local resources of Soignies and it will also make best use of the competences that have been developed here over time. Additionally, it will ensure the promotion of the participating artists at the event.
The theme of this edition 2018 will be “The Bench”. This seemingly insignificant object falls into the category of things we do not look at. It can however be considered sometimes in its individualistic dimension, as a source of introspection and aspiration to solitude or contemplation, and sometimes in its collective dimension favouring the encounter and the social bond.

The works must be able to integrate into spaces with specific character, such as public places, paved places with various but coexisting destinies (parking lot, meeting space, rest areas, playgrounds, entertainment places, markets…). It is in this spirit that the work must be visible on all its sides and can be placed on the ground.

The sculptures will be original works and will be made from blocks of blue stone from Soignies.

The artist will choose one uncut or sawn stone from the quarry according to his project. The volume of the blocks should not exceed 1 cubic meter.